Players may play on the same type of systems or cross play platforms.

You may bring your own controllers, however controllers not sanctioned in competitive gaming will not be allowed. PC Players are allowed to bring your own keyboards and mice. Tournament will be played in groups, depending on the size of the event, multiple groups may occur. Rebuy round is the final group that wishes to enter the tournament for that round. This is optional and the rebuy price is $10 each participant, meaning $20 per duo. Score cards are given every round. Highest combination of duos scores card win. Only 1 score card per player will be submitted. Each Score card consists of 3 game allotments or 45 minutes, whichever comes first. Some players will not complete all 3 games, and scores will be taken down and put on your score card. Each Score card must also have the players name, and team name printed legibly. Score cards are on a “Point” system. Players will receive 1 point for each elimination, and 6 points for Battle Royals. Each of the 3 games on the players score sheet will be tallied up, for a “Total Point Score”. The top score card from each player, regardless of round they play will be taken, and added together. Tournament prize structure may increase depending on the number of rebuys, and overall player participation. Game Time Tournament events have a “GUARANTEED” prize pool, regardless of event participation. Duos partners may only communicate with his/her partner. No coaching of other teams is allowed. Failure to comply with this rule may disqualify you from the event. Players who place in the prize pool are required to allow a photo to be placed on our Facebook page, or website prior to be rewarded with the tournament prize. To be qualified in the tournament you must be present to play, no “online” players will be allowed to participate in the event. Tournament participation sheet must be filled out and signed prior to participating in the event. You are not required to stay the full overnight, however the all-night venue fee for the event is $30. To enter the tournament is an additional $10 per person ($20 per duo) You will be allowed a “Setup” Time for your duos to get into the same lobby and be prepared for a ready up. Please make sure you check your mic and headsets prior to the round starting. Please let a staff member know if you are having any difficulties. We do not allow you to get additional time, or enter you into another round if you fail to do your tournament prechecks. In the event you get disconnect from your match. We may enter you into another group, or may just add additional time, or an additional game. We do not control Epic Games servers, as they often have lag spikes and glitches. Game Time event staff has full discretion over the tournament and the rules. The event director may change, modify, or add any rules they feel necessary during the tournament. All decisions are final.

Please email us about the tournament if you have any additional questions not listed here.